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30 Sep


Twitter: announcement machine?

20 Sep

My Twitter account is @ChenTing1001

I never used Twitter before and using it for these few days is a brand new experience to me. However, besides checking the tweets from my followings, I did not tweet for a single time. I did not want to share my Twitter account to my friends. To be honest, just sharing my personal life within 140 characters without any professional perceptions seems meaningless to me.

I chose some news media, brands, advertising/marketing agencies and journalists to follow. Before using Twitter, I thought organizations may use it as a two-way communication channel between company and its users/audience and build relationships. Within few days of following, I found out that most companies (including media organizations) just use Twitter as one of their medium to share news, policies with an URL. It seems that to most of them, Twitter is as a quick announcement machine. To the followers, their tweets may become some kind of “headline organizer” which just provides instant information.

From my Twitter experience, I cannot say that I agree with Shepherd’s opinion toward the myth of the “end of geography.” Of course, most people care about things which are related to themselves. However, I do not think “interest” would be geographic limited. Take myself for example; I am interested in advertising and marketing. So I chose to follow many advertising agencies. In my following list, there are Ogilvy (which is an advertising agency by the way) Worldwide, Ogilvy London, Ogilvy New York. And I also have JWT Worldwide and JWT Atlanta. From those followings, I can catch the market information from all over the world. In this issue, geography is definitely meaningless to me.

The other thing I want to mention is that I think the function of Twitter is like Youtube’s. In which, people do not pursuing serious issues but things they think interesting or entertainment. Take the Iranian election and the death of Michael Jackson case Shepherd mentioned about for instance, I think people care about the news about Michael Jackson instead of Iran because the latter news is unfamiliar to most people. Tweet is an immediate feeling sharing. Most people would not do homework before they tweet.

By the way, I found out that Coca Cola’s Twitter is quite different than other company. The only thing I can see in its Twitter is its interaction with others. They did not try to make an announcement on Twitter. And the languages it uses are more than English! However, the interactions are most “we love you too” and “we are happy to follow you!”

Convergence: The Best Job in the World!!

12 Sep

The case I found is the “Island Caretaker” global searching campaign which was launched by Australia’s Tourism Queensland. The event was launched in January 2009 and the goal of it was to “explore the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia and report back to the world about their experiences.” The winner of the event can be offered a salary of AUD $150,000 (about USD $140,000) for a six month position and live in luxury accommodation on Hamilton island. Tourism Queensland called the position “the best job in the world.” There were more than 34,000 “would-be” caretakers in the world that uploaded a 60-second video to show their enthusiasm and creativity. There were 16 final candidates, 15 of them were chosen by Tourism Queensland and one of them was chosen by popular vote. The final 16 candidates spent 4 days on the island being interviewed about their blogging abilities, swimming skills etc. The final decision was made in May and the winner was Ben Southall, a British charity worker.

This case is obviously a really successful advertising campaign for Queensland tourism. In this case, not only those “would-be” caretakers joined the competition, people from all over the world also took the process by their vote and their discussion. After campaign, Ben had to manage the blog so the effect of the campaign can still be passed on. Australia provided money, by sharing video on Youtube, voting process and the blog, the fame and the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef were well known by the world. Applicants as performers provided their creativity; they gained fame and experiences (and money!!!!!). And audience provided spotlight, word-of-mouth is the key of this campaign. Of course, in this case, the Internet like Youtube, Facebool and blog was the stage!

There is an article: 6 lessons from the best marketing campaign ever, which was published by Fast Company which is a magazine talking about creativity in marketplace. The article mentioned “how they used social media to do it.” It indicated that the campaign created “an inherent reason for people to share,” we see different people from different countries sharing their different background to the world. I think that is the reason this campaign success.


6 Sep

I chose the issue about “Whale Killing” on Youtube.
The first video I want to discuss about is “Whale Wars: Whale Kill.” The video is uploaded by the Animal Planet channel which conducted “documentary-style reality television series” named “Whale Wars” to convey the idea “Stopping Japanese Whaling.” It is actually a very cruel and uncomfortable video in which we can see a Japanese fleet (which be indicated in narration) was hunting a whale by harpoon and shotgun. The whale struggled for a while (the video was cut therefore we cannot sure how long it took. Yet, I saw some other video which indicates the death struggle may be longer than 30 minutes.) There are about 1300 comments toward this video. The highest rated comment was made by jaxntwins who commented “Fxxking japs ALWAYS shooting down animals and peoples planes. They should be slaughtered!!!” It is a very radical and immature comment and I am really surprised which would get the highest rated. There are some rational responses, however, many comments I saw are indignant and irrational. For example, “Let’s barbecue tonight” commented by Newcastle317. It shows what Hess said, most Youtubers are looking for entertainment than other serious issues.
The other video I found about the issue is “Most Racist Australian Commercial.”  The interesting thing about the video is that it is actually a beer commercial. The campaign advocated “a boycott on Lion Nathan beers because a large shareholder in the company is Japanese brewer Kirin.” However, I can’t find any evidence which shows Kirin having any connection to whaling. The highest rated comment of this video was made by TheSmithy0314 who said “i dont see how thats “racist” at all… it just states that the japanese whalers are killing whales. its a fact. better title would be “slightly politically incorrect australian commericial”. Stop the slaughter.” From some Youtubers’ responses, I think the uploader may be surprised at the video may increasing the connection between Japan and whaling. PrYdEd said that “I don’t think its racist, its not any other nation constantly whaling and killing dolphins.” On the other hand, there are lots responses supporting the “racist” point about Australian and even pointing out other racism incident. WYGampS said “The Aussies kill a Japanese in their ad, rape thai girls everyday, do racsim toward minorities and quite a few indonesians, indians and chinese have been victimised. For all those sins the Aussies believe they love whales, incent whales, hahaha. kinda Nazis” He/she used the word “Nazis” to describe Australians that is a really strong accusation. Despite there are some deliberate comments, most of comments are offensive and irrational.
I think from the comments toward this issue, it indeed approves Hess’ point of view. Youtube is seen as an entertainment tool in which people can share things interesting rather than some serious issues. When it comes to serious issues, Youtubers tend to use immature or agitating attitude to respond.