Media Diary 1: pro of wasting time

10 Oct

Well…It is Sunday, so I woke up about 12:30pm. Right after waking up, I turned on my laptop and went to brush my teeth. I checked my mail box while logging in Windows Live Messenger (MSN) and got a lot of Facebook notification mails which are really annoying but also helpful. I considered to cancel the service before. However, it did help me following up my friends’ status. After logging in Facebook, I commented on my friend’s pictures. I worried about her studying abroad life at Japan and also felt happy for her since it is the first time for her to live alone without taking care by family. Meanwhile, I went to Yahoo Taiwan to check news. Since October 10th is the Taiwan National Day, there were many special events being held today (or yesterday because of time differences).

After those routines which I do every day, I cooked myself some Taiwanese food as late lunch and watched TV while eating. There was a MythBusters marathon in Discovery channel today from 11:00am to 07:00pm! Although I love this show since I was in Taiwan, 8 hours are really too long. I only watched about 1 hour. Apparently, human only have 30 seconds maximum to jump out of a 4,000 feet plane and to land safely.

I checked my cell phone and found a missed call from the president of Taiwanese Student Association around 2:00pm. Turn out that he wanted to ask me if I want to attend the flag-raising ceremony in Chinese language school. It was a pity that I called back too late. Otherwise it would be an interesting experience attending the flag-raising ceremony in other country.

Actually I should be conscientious working on my presentation tomorrow. However, with the Internet, I just cannot stop checking Facebook and chatting with my friends via MSN while studying. After dinner, I decided to watch a TV show (which is not a good decision) on Funshion (software on which I can find many TV shows in Taiwan) first. After that, I prepared my presentation till now. Uh…if I did not watch the TV show, I may be able to go to sleep earlier.


One Response to “Media Diary 1: pro of wasting time”

  1. Mindy McAdams October 12, 2010 at 4:01 pm #

    That sounds like a very small amount of schoolwork for a grad student on a Sunday … maybe you were very conscientious and finished all your work on Saturday?

    All the students seem to spend many hours every day chatting on some space (MSN or other ones) and of course using Facebook. I am amazed that there is any time left for schoolwork.

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