Media Diary 3: old song is always better

13 Oct

I woke up about 9:00am today. As usual, I turned on my laptop before doing anything. However, there was one thing different: I decided to stay offline on MSN. Without chatting with my friends, I thought that I could be more efficient on my reading. It did help, although Facebook was still distracting.

I cooked my lunch about 12:30pm and watched the Korean drama while eating as usual. After about an hour nap, I kept to work on my reading and changed my status to online on MSN which was not a good idea because that my friend and I started to discuss our travel in winter vacation. I will visit my friend in California in winter. In order to have cheaper tickets, I have to book it recently. Therefore I used Priceline and Orbitz to find cheaper tickets and looked for rental car information on Avis. It seems to be an enormous expense.

There was a softball game tonight. I went to support Taiwanese team with friends around 7:00pm. We stopped by Mochi to have some yogurt ice cream. I felt awkward watching some Japanese cartoon in ice cream store. It was even awkward that I saw the same cartoon every time! I am curious about the reason why they choose the show since I did not see any relation between Mochi and Japan or between Mochi and cartoon.

We listened to radio while my friend drove me home. I did not pay attention to the radio until it broadcasted a very familiar song, I don’t wanna miss a thing from Aerosmith. I knew this song from Armageddon when I was a junior high school student. It might be the first English rock band song which I had heard. (I believe that Backstreet Boys cannot be counted as Rock group, though I loved them when I was little.) A good song can last forever.

I always read a book when I “answer the call of nature.” (Thanks! Google Dictionary) I recently read “State of Fear.” It is an interesting book which gave me a different view about environment though I have not finished it yet.

Time to bed. I will call my boyfriend and hope to have a good dream.


One Response to “Media Diary 3: old song is always better”

  1. Mindy McAdams October 13, 2010 at 2:29 pm #

    So, all your reading for classes was on your laptop? And you did not go to class, and you had no writing assignments to do on Tuesday. Quite a quiet day then.

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