Media Diary 4: I have to speed up

14 Oct

I woke up about 9:30am today and took the 10:00am bus to school. A boy who sat next to me was texting all the way to school. I loved texting when I was in Taiwan. In Taiwan, we will not be charged receiving text and the price per text is also really cheap. After coming to the US, in order to reduce expense, I did not buy text plan. However, I still found something which is interesting to me. In the US and Taiwan, people are all accustomed to communicate via text. In Taiwan, we are used to upright cell phone. In the US, I saw that so many people use horizontal type cell phone. I think that may also be a result from the difference in language: English vs. Mandarin, alphabet vs. phonetic letters.

In class, we saw the video of Gator Growl this year. The video is well made by student. I knew that Homecoming and Gator Growl are some kind of traditions of UF. However, I never had the chance to attend any events.

After class, I went to student lab and accessed to Gator mail to print my reading. I am not good at reading on laptop; it is hard for me to absorb the content without writing something on real paper. And then, I went to career center to get some career information handouts. It was my first time entering career center. I did not know there is a career library. I stayed there for a while looking all kinds of handouts school provides.

In class, we watched many Youtube videos. It was hard for me to understand the content comprehensively since I have little knowledge about those politicians/celebrities. I knew Sarah Palin and Tina Fay. Nevertheless, the news in Taiwan only reported that she was the first female vice-presidential candidate of the Republican Party and she always wears the glasses. And about Tina Fay, I watched her clip before, I cannot tell what is different between Sarah Palin and Tina Fay at all. The class today reminded me the political parody show in Taiwan. Instead of those 10 24hours News channels which report the same news every 30 minutes in Taiwan, I had rather watched political parody which conveys some points of view at least.

After arriving home, I made myself dinner and had a 1 hour nap. I did not watch TV or shows on Funsion today because I had to finish my reading and assignment. I noticed now that although I still logged on MSN and Facebook, I ignored most of the flashing windows today. However, I still have to  improve my reading speed.


One Response to “Media Diary 4: I have to speed up”

  1. Mindy McAdams October 15, 2010 at 10:29 am #

    I had that same experience with free texting when I lived in Malaysia for eight months (2004-2005). Everybody my age was texting all day long — not just the young people! It sort of drove me crazy, but I had no choice. We made all our plans by text, even when we were in the same building at the university, sitting in our offices. My phone would beep and there was a text from my friend: “Lunch?” But she was only down the hall at the time!

    I still do not understand how Chinese speakers type Chinese characters with 10 phone buttons. It is amazing.

    It is said Gator Growl is the biggest pep rally in the world. You should go and see it to have the experience!

    “I cannot tell what is different between Sarah Palin and Tina Fay at all.” Often it is the same for me. Their similarity is uncanny.

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