Media Diary 5: Boring day

15 Oct

Because I have no class today, I woke up about 10:30am. As usual, I turned on my laptop before doing anything. While checking email, I logged in Skype and called my mom who is in Taiwan. My mom asked me to turn on my web camera but she always refused to turn on hers. She said that she is not photogenic. Since we have not talk for a week, we talked for 30 minutes. After Skype with my mom, I logged in KKBOX which is an online music playing program in which I can get the latest music information and listen to music from all over the world. The interface is really similar to itunes.

While playing music, I googled some recipes to make my lunch. I decided to make pepper shrimp. I have to say that I am really talent at this!

After lunch with a Korean drama, I submitted my assignment on e-learning and started to work on my reading. I turned off the music when I was reading since I might be distracted by that. I did not log on MSN either. After reading for a while, my friend called me to ask if I want to go to Busch Garden for the Howl-O-Scream tonight. I really wanted to go but I have to finish my reading today because I will go to Orlando tomorrow. I said no to him and felt so jealous of them and Shine who went to Disney today.

I made my dinner about 6:30pm and watched one episode of the Big Bang Theory on TV. Although Sheldon is weird and self-interest, I still love him. He is sooooooo hilarious.

It is a usual day but I felt so bored. Maybe because I have not talk to any human beings face to face since my roommates are all out to play.


One Response to “Media Diary 5: Boring day”

  1. Mindy McAdams October 15, 2010 at 10:22 am #

    That sounds like a real “grad student day” — all work and no play. But very boring, yet. And no friends face-to-face, how sad!

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