Media Diary 6: Orlando

16 Oct

I was woken up by my cell phone about 10:20am since my friend called me saying he was ready to pick us up to Orlando. I called my roommate to get ready on cell phone (because I did not want to waste time to walk to her room) while got my things ready in short time.

We set the GPS and turned on radio. Because my friend loves to listen to Chinese music, he brought a lot of CDs. We randomly picked a CD to play and sang all the way to Orlando.

On our way to Orlando, my roommate saw the “Cracker Barrel” billboard beside the highway and really wanted to eat in that suddenly. Therefore, we decided to have our lunch at Cracker Barrel around 01:00pm and reset GPS to the nearest one. In Taiwan, billboard beside the highway is illegal since it may attract drivers’ attention and influence traffic safety. There were even some cases which created car accident because the drivers were too concentrating on the billboard to drive. However, we can still see a lot of billboard beside highway in Taiwan; maybe its effect is really high.

Anyway, we arrived Cracker Barrel and got attracted by the gift shop before eating anything. We had a lot of fun by playing all the toy instruments. I even checked the price label because I really wanted to buy one. My friends stopped me and said that it will definitely become one of the junks when I move.

I always have trouble with reading menu in the U.S. since there are too many categories. There are appetizers, entrees, and drinks. And after these, I have to decide what kinds of sides to order and my meat is medium or well done, etc. There are so many decisions I have to make before eating. Not mention those words which I cannot understand in the menu. I picked a cheeseburger and one of my friends decided to have the entrée on the flyer which was placed between the menu. The lunch was good anyway! After lunch, one man came to introduce himself as chef and manager. He politely asked my friend to fill out the questionnaire about the entrée he ordered. My friend gave it really high score because he was so full and satisfied.

We arrived the Mall at Millenia about 03:00pm. There are many screens in the round plaza within the mall in which it was broadcasting some catwalk show. It was weird since I did not see any relevance between the show and any store in the mall. Perhaps it was just trying to create some fashion atmosphere.

Before leaving the mall, I grabbed one catalog of Urban Outfitter. I love those print catalogs because its quality and ink smell.

We had our lunch in our favorite Taiwanese restaurant in the U.S.! We did not need the menu to order since we went there frequently. I wrote down the dishes we wanted on paper (Because we are really familiar to the restaurant and even called the owners aunt and uncle because they treat us so kindly) and waited while watching digital TV in the restaurant which was broadcasting some Taiwanese drama. After a fulfilling dinner, we drove and sang all the way home.

Tomorrow will be a day full of readings.


One Response to “Media Diary 6: Orlando”

  1. Mindy McAdams October 16, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    It’s nice that you got to leave Gainesville for a day. I liked your attention to the billboards and the menu — of course, these are also media. The first time I heard about international students having difficulty ordering in a restaurant, I was very surprised. I never thought about it before. Of course I have had the experience of seeing all the unknown words (when I’m in another country, looking at the menu).

    But what that student said really made me realize how different American restaurants are — she said when they asked her what kind of dressing for the salad, she thought it was crazy. In Bulgaria (her home), she said, there is only one salad. There’s just “salad.” And there’s only one dressing. So to her, American menus seemed crazy.

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