Media Diary 7: analysis

17 Oct

I woke up about 10:30am today. As routine, I checked my email, Facebook and MSN. After reading the news on Yahoo Taiwan, I started to work on my assignment.

Just as I wrote yesterday, it was a day full of readings. However, after dinner, I still took a rest watching TV with friends who came to our apartment afternoon making caramel candy with my roommate. The movie we watched on TV was Step Up. I knew that it got sequel which was shot in 3D. I am curious how it will look like.


From these days of writing media diary, I think there are some interesting things which I did not notice before.

First, I cannot imagine the days without the Internet. I obviously too relied on the Internet to do anything including contact friends since I did not text now and barely called others on cell phone. And I do not own a home phone. The time which I spent on chatting with friends on MSN and watching friends’ status on Facebook seemed to be much than the time I talked to human beings face-to-face. I do not think it is a good phenomenon but I am afraid that will become a trend. I know one of the reasons is lots of my friends and family are in Taiwan and I have to use the Internet to contact with them. And the other reason may be that is the life of graduate student. However, I thought back the time I was in Taiwan, I often hung out with friends after work or school. And I made calls and texted a lot. I was still addicted to Facebook and MSN. Well, I really do not want to see the day that the only things I talk to are laptop or smartphone.

Second, I loved to watch TV when I was in Taiwan. However, I found out that I only watched TV about 3 times and less than 3 hour combined. Instead, I used laptop to watch Taiwanese show and Korean drama. I think it is a good for me that even when I watched some show which I was really interested in on TV, I can cut it off anytime. Unlike the days I was in Taiwan, I could spend like 5 hours watching TV and do nothing.

Third, though I still spend a lot of time on the Internet, the websites and software I use are really different from those I used in Taiwan. I used to get on PPT everyday when I was in Taiwan. But now, I may only check it one time a week or even less. I never used Funsion or other online TV watching software before. However, I watch shows on it almost every day.

The last but not the least, there are much more media I used in this week than I expected. Before writing media diary, I thought that I might only be able to name 3 media I used. However, after thinking and watching carefully, there are so many media around me every day such as billboard, advertising on the bus, flyer and even menu. I know that the media I used may be less than others since I do not text and barely watch TV. Nevertheless, I am still happy that I could mention media other than the Internet.


One Response to “Media Diary 7: analysis”

  1. Mindy McAdams October 17, 2010 at 1:14 pm #

    I think it’s interesting that your media use is different in the U.S. than it was in Taiwan, but it seems that two factors are the main causes: (1) no TV, and (2) much less texting and talking on the phone here. I think you are very typical for an international grad student, and therefore, maybe you need to get out of your apartment more often! 🙂

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