Media Diary 5: Boring day

15 Oct

Because I have no class today, I woke up about 10:30am. As usual, I turned on my laptop before doing anything. While checking email, I logged in Skype and called my mom who is in Taiwan. My mom asked me to turn on my web camera but she always refused to turn on hers. She said that she is not photogenic. Since we have not talk for a week, we talked for 30 minutes. After Skype with my mom, I logged in KKBOX which is an online music playing program in which I can get the latest music information and listen to music from all over the world. The interface is really similar to itunes.

While playing music, I googled some recipes to make my lunch. I decided to make pepper shrimp. I have to say that I am really talent at this!

After lunch with a Korean drama, I submitted my assignment on e-learning and started to work on my reading. I turned off the music when I was reading since I might be distracted by that. I did not log on MSN either. After reading for a while, my friend called me to ask if I want to go to Busch Garden for the Howl-O-Scream tonight. I really wanted to go but I have to finish my reading today because I will go to Orlando tomorrow. I said no to him and felt so jealous of them and Shine who went to Disney today.

I made my dinner about 6:30pm and watched one episode of the Big Bang Theory on TV. Although Sheldon is weird and self-interest, I still love him. He is sooooooo hilarious.

It is a usual day but I felt so bored. Maybe because I have not talk to any human beings face to face since my roommates are all out to play.


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15 Oct

Media Diary 4: I have to speed up

14 Oct

I woke up about 9:30am today and took the 10:00am bus to school. A boy who sat next to me was texting all the way to school. I loved texting when I was in Taiwan. In Taiwan, we will not be charged receiving text and the price per text is also really cheap. After coming to the US, in order to reduce expense, I did not buy text plan. However, I still found something which is interesting to me. In the US and Taiwan, people are all accustomed to communicate via text. In Taiwan, we are used to upright cell phone. In the US, I saw that so many people use horizontal type cell phone. I think that may also be a result from the difference in language: English vs. Mandarin, alphabet vs. phonetic letters.

In class, we saw the video of Gator Growl this year. The video is well made by student. I knew that Homecoming and Gator Growl are some kind of traditions of UF. However, I never had the chance to attend any events.

After class, I went to student lab and accessed to Gator mail to print my reading. I am not good at reading on laptop; it is hard for me to absorb the content without writing something on real paper. And then, I went to career center to get some career information handouts. It was my first time entering career center. I did not know there is a career library. I stayed there for a while looking all kinds of handouts school provides.

In class, we watched many Youtube videos. It was hard for me to understand the content comprehensively since I have little knowledge about those politicians/celebrities. I knew Sarah Palin and Tina Fay. Nevertheless, the news in Taiwan only reported that she was the first female vice-presidential candidate of the Republican Party and she always wears the glasses. And about Tina Fay, I watched her clip before, I cannot tell what is different between Sarah Palin and Tina Fay at all. The class today reminded me the political parody show in Taiwan. Instead of those 10 24hours News channels which report the same news every 30 minutes in Taiwan, I had rather watched political parody which conveys some points of view at least.

After arriving home, I made myself dinner and had a 1 hour nap. I did not watch TV or shows on Funsion today because I had to finish my reading and assignment. I noticed now that although I still logged on MSN and Facebook, I ignored most of the flashing windows today. However, I still have to  improve my reading speed.

Media Diary 3: old song is always better

13 Oct

I woke up about 9:00am today. As usual, I turned on my laptop before doing anything. However, there was one thing different: I decided to stay offline on MSN. Without chatting with my friends, I thought that I could be more efficient on my reading. It did help, although Facebook was still distracting.

I cooked my lunch about 12:30pm and watched the Korean drama while eating as usual. After about an hour nap, I kept to work on my reading and changed my status to online on MSN which was not a good idea because that my friend and I started to discuss our travel in winter vacation. I will visit my friend in California in winter. In order to have cheaper tickets, I have to book it recently. Therefore I used Priceline and Orbitz to find cheaper tickets and looked for rental car information on Avis. It seems to be an enormous expense.

There was a softball game tonight. I went to support Taiwanese team with friends around 7:00pm. We stopped by Mochi to have some yogurt ice cream. I felt awkward watching some Japanese cartoon in ice cream store. It was even awkward that I saw the same cartoon every time! I am curious about the reason why they choose the show since I did not see any relation between Mochi and Japan or between Mochi and cartoon.

We listened to radio while my friend drove me home. I did not pay attention to the radio until it broadcasted a very familiar song, I don’t wanna miss a thing from Aerosmith. I knew this song from Armageddon when I was a junior high school student. It might be the first English rock band song which I had heard. (I believe that Backstreet Boys cannot be counted as Rock group, though I loved them when I was little.) A good song can last forever.

I always read a book when I “answer the call of nature.” (Thanks! Google Dictionary) I recently read “State of Fear.” It is an interesting book which gave me a different view about environment though I have not finished it yet.

Time to bed. I will call my boyfriend and hope to have a good dream.

Media Diary 2 :how can I concentrate with the Internet…

12 Oct

After I submitted my diary yesterday, Shine showed me an Youtube video of our National Day fireworks show via MSN. Although the quality of video is not well, it is still good for us can be a part of the event.

I woke up about 9:30am today and took bus to school. I always find that is interesting that there are little advertising on bus in Gainesville no matter on bus body or inside. The advertising I saw on bus is most from RTS that is quite different from Taiwan. In Taiwan, we can see all kinds of advertising on bus. There are even televisions in which we can watch some mini shows and advertising in bus.

I arrived the student lab in Reitz Union about 10:15am to print my handout for presentation. I used the pc in lab accessing to Gator mail to print files. However, it did not work. So I decided to go to class first since I was already late.

The lecture in class is interesting. We saw many Youtube videos today. After class, I went to student lab again to print my handout for class. It finally worked but it still took me too much time to print 23 copies when I can only print 1 copy a time. I had a quick lunch in order to obtain much time to prepare my presentation. I turned on my laptop in classroom using Google Dictionary to consult some terms which I may use in presentation. During presentation, I showed some videos and the response turned out quite well. I was really happy about that since I spent much time on editing the video and convert it. I found about 5 software to convert it and finally succeeded with the 5th one.

I came home around 5:50pm and turned on my laptop immediately. I checked my email and got a comment on my diary yesterday. It only wrote “more good very good.” Despite knowing that it is spam, I was still curious and clicked its URL. The comment is from a car insurance company. Well…it is not a good marketing move I have to say. Wrong medium, wrong audience and wrong way. After accessing Facebook and logging in MSN as usual, I went to cook my dinner. Only by logging in the website and messenger already made me feeling at ease.

I checked friends Facebook status and watched Korean drama on Funshion while eating. And then I accessed Wikipedia to find the basic background of South Korea. Whenever I use Wikipedia, I just cannot stop. It is like Youtube which I can always link to other interesting things.

After about 1.5 hours of Wiki, I started to read finally. Because I had to use Google Dictionary while studying, I could not turn off my laptop. It is not a good environment for me to study within the Internet world. I really have to find some ways to concentrate…

Media Diary 1: pro of wasting time

10 Oct

Well…It is Sunday, so I woke up about 12:30pm. Right after waking up, I turned on my laptop and went to brush my teeth. I checked my mail box while logging in Windows Live Messenger (MSN) and got a lot of Facebook notification mails which are really annoying but also helpful. I considered to cancel the service before. However, it did help me following up my friends’ status. After logging in Facebook, I commented on my friend’s pictures. I worried about her studying abroad life at Japan and also felt happy for her since it is the first time for her to live alone without taking care by family. Meanwhile, I went to Yahoo Taiwan to check news. Since October 10th is the Taiwan National Day, there were many special events being held today (or yesterday because of time differences).

After those routines which I do every day, I cooked myself some Taiwanese food as late lunch and watched TV while eating. There was a MythBusters marathon in Discovery channel today from 11:00am to 07:00pm! Although I love this show since I was in Taiwan, 8 hours are really too long. I only watched about 1 hour. Apparently, human only have 30 seconds maximum to jump out of a 4,000 feet plane and to land safely.

I checked my cell phone and found a missed call from the president of Taiwanese Student Association around 2:00pm. Turn out that he wanted to ask me if I want to attend the flag-raising ceremony in Chinese language school. It was a pity that I called back too late. Otherwise it would be an interesting experience attending the flag-raising ceremony in other country.

Actually I should be conscientious working on my presentation tomorrow. However, with the Internet, I just cannot stop checking Facebook and chatting with my friends via MSN while studying. After dinner, I decided to watch a TV show (which is not a good decision) on Funshion (software on which I can find many TV shows in Taiwan) first. After that, I prepared my presentation till now. Uh…if I did not watch the TV show, I may be able to go to sleep earlier.

Hate Speech Presentation

5 Oct